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Langa Dlamini From Gomora Died: Siyabonga Xaba Cause Of Death

Langa Dlamini From Gomora Died: Siyabonga Xaba Cause Of Death

Siyabonga Xaba aka Langna Dlamini has suffered sad death in the latest Gomora episode. What actually happened? Find Out.

Sometimes show characters die and brings twist and turns in the show. However, the death of some characters is very hard on the audience.

A similar thing happened when Langna Dlamini from Gomora died. 

Siyabonga Xaba aka Langa Dlamini Gomora Death 

Siyabonga Xaba aka Langna Dlamini has died in the recent episode of Gomora.

Xaba had joined the cast of the South African Soapie just last year. He started as a nerdy boy in the drama, who later became one of the fan favorites. Sadly, the show makers decided to end his character. 

Langa Dlamini’s death was caused by a fire.

Apparently, the fire was started by Sifiso at a tavern. Though Glayds (Thembi Seete) survived the fire, Langa died in the burning heat. 

The audience went crazy after the episode went on air!

In fact, #Gomora started trending on Twitter soon after. Many people were shocked and saddened to see Siyabonga leaving Gamora.

Siyabonga Xaba Wikipedia and Age 

Siyabonga Xaba is the age of 23 years old in real life. 

He celebrates his birthday on July 26 each year. Likewise, Xaba started acting when he was just 10 years old.

Siyabonga doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

But, he does have an Instagram bio with over 68.6k followers. You can find his profile as @siya_xaba. 

The actor joined the cinema business in 2011 with the role of Najim in Strike Back (2011). Similarly, he recently portrayed Djamba in Professionals (2020). 

Meet His Parents 

Siyabonga Xaba (Langa Dlamini) screen parents were Thathi and Melusi.

In fact, Langa is the firstborn of Thathi. Besides, it was later revealed that his death was actually Gladys’s revenge.

Now, fans are eager to know where the show will turn from here. 

On the other hand, Xaba’s actual parents prefer to remain private. 

They must be proud of their son with so much success at a young age. Moreover, the whole Gomora cast cited Xaba as an extremely talented person and they said goodbye to Langa. 

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