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How Old Is Marta Timofeeva? Everything About The Child Actress

How Old Is Marta Timofeeva? Everything About The Child Actress

Marta Timofeeva age is 11 but she has already become a famous child artist in Russia. Get to know about her parents and Instagram.

Marta is a Russian child actress who is also known as Marta Kessler in the film industry.

She is modeling since she was only two months old and to this date.

The young actress has done more than 50 movies. We can call it a real success at an early age.

Marta Timofeeva Age

Marta Timofeeva age is 11 years old.

According to her IMDB profile, she was born on 8 August 2009 in Moscow, Russia.

Her Height and Weight

Marta Timofeeva stands tall at the height of 130 cm (4 feet and 2 inches) tall.

Similarly, Marta weighs about 23 kg.

This little actor is surprisingly cute and talented. Her cuteness might be the reason for her to model at the early age of two months.

Who Are Marta Timofeeva Parents?

Marta Timofeeva parents are Anna Rebetskaya and Andrey Timofeeva.

They had to lead her to the modeling career since her early childhood. Her mother, Anna, is a Ballerina of Bolshoi theatre. 

Marta has grown up seeing the theatre. This has resulted in her a successful filmy career till now.

Her father, Andrey, serves as a performer in the military band. Marta’s parents had done her photoshoot for diapers modeling when she was only two months old. 

She has now done more than 50 movies and appeared as the lead child artist in many of them. She also does modeling. 

In her success, we can not forget to mention her parents, who opened the door of modeling careers for her and always got her back. 

Meet Her on Instagram

Marta has an account named @miss.kessler, where she almost has 55k followers.

She seems active on her Instagram, as we can see she has about 1641 posts. She mainly posts her photoshoots and movie pictures. 

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