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Jana Bezuidenhout Mother, Father, Siblings, Husband, Children & Errol Musk’s Stepdaughter

Jana Bezuidenhout is a step daughter of Errol Musk. Now not too long prior to now, Elon Musk Dad, Errol told The Sun that he had a second minute one alongside with his step 35- Years stepdaughter Jana. Elon Musk’s dad has a second minute one alongside with his stepdaughter.

Errol Musk, 76-Years Used, and Jana Bezuidenhout is 35 Years in 2019, and the minute one became once born in 2019. Errol Musk now has seven adolescents including two adolescents with Jana.

In this weblog, we be taught the final considerable aspects admire Mother, Father, Siblings, Husband, Kids & Errol Musk’s Stepdaughter.

Jana Bezuidenhout Mother

Jana Bezuidenhout is a daughter of Heide Bezuidenhout. After Jana’s father’s death, Heide purchased married to Errol Musk in 1992 and had two adolescents named Asha and Alexandra. After 18 of marriage, Errol and Heide carve up up. 

                             Jana Bezuidenhout Mother Heide Bezuidenhout

Jana Bezuidenhout Father

Jana Bezudienhout’s father passed away in a car accident in 1992. Her father’s id is silent now not added wherever on the cyber internet.

Jana Bezuidenhout Siblings, Brother, Sister

Jan Bezuidenhout has two organic brothers named Harry Bezuidenhout and Jock Jr. Bezuidenhout. She has two step sisters named Alex and Alexandra.

Jana Bezuidenhout Husband, Kids

Jana Bezuidenhout has been in relationship with Errol Musk. She has two adolescents from Errol. Errol and Jana’s first minute one became once born in 2017 named Elliot Trip Musk. Jana’s second minute one who’s a baby girl became once born in 2019.

Errol Musk’s Stepdaughter: Jana Bezuidenhout

Jana Bezuidenhout’s mother purchased married to Errol Musk after her father’s death. So Errol Musk is the stepfather of Jana Bezuidenhout.

                            Jana Bezuidenhout’s Step Father Errol Musk

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