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Who Is Sanjeev Kaushal? Tunisha Sharma’s Uncle, She Used To Have Panic Attacks Upon Hearing Sanjeev’s Name

Who is Sanjeev Kaushal?:- Sanjeev Kaushal is the uncle of the tiresome actress Tunisha Sharma. In Tunisha Sharma’s suicide case, Sheejan Khan’s lawyer instructed at a press conference that she aged to savor danger attacks when she heard her uncle Sanjeev Kaushal’s title and aged to savor danger attacks.

Listed right here, it is likely you’ll perhaps well be taught about Who is Sanjeev Kaushal? Tunisha Sharma’s Uncle, She aged to Beget Dread Assaults upon Listening to Sanjeev’s title.

Who is Sanjeev Kaushal? WIki, Tunisha Sharma’s Uncle

Tunisha Sharma’s mother accused actor Sheejan Khan of her suicide. Sheejan Khan’s lawyer Shailendra Mishra has made allegations against Tunisha’s mother apart from mentioned Sanjeev Kaushal.

Tunisha Sharma WIth Her Mother

Tunisha’s household held a press conference on 2 January 2022 the put Sheejan’s household instructed about Sanjeev Kaushal a few conditions as a result of which Tunisha aged to savor danger attacks.

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Sheejan Khan’s lawyer stated that the connection between Tunisha and Sanjeev became once unpleasant. Tunisha’s uncle Sanjeev Kaushal lives in Chandigarh and Tunisha became once so panicked of Sanjeev.

Sanjeev alongside alongside with her mother Vanita aged to shield an eye fixed on Tunisha’s money. Sheejan’s lawyer stated that as she heard Sanjeev’s title, she aged to savor danger attacks because Sanjeev and Vanita were controlling her lifestyles.

The lawyer furthermore stated that Tunisha’s bond alongside with her mother became once not only. After Tunisha’s father’s death, she began to are living upset even although she didn’t celebrate her birthday.

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Tunisha’s mother Vanita tried to choke her to death by compressing her throat. And all about this, Tunisha shared with the director of her serial before committing suicide.

When Tunisha aged to inquire of cash, her mother aged to quiz many questions. That’s why she dedicated suicide on the build of “Ali Baba” on 24 December 2022. within the imply time, Sheejan is in judicial custody.

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