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Atatiana Jefferson Parents, Death, Shoot, Investigation, Statement And More

Atatiana Jefferson Fogeys:- Atatiana Jefferson received a biology level from Xavier College in Louisiana in 2014 and works in the sales of pharmaceutical gear. When Officer Aaron Dean shot Jefferson, 28, through a window, she had utterly currently moved into her mother’s condo to tackle her. When her daughter used to be slain, Carr used to be in the sanatorium, and ever since, per Merritt, she has been with out a “well-known” caretaker. Honest appropriate two weeks after his daughter’s funeral, Jefferson’s father, Marquis Jefferson, handed with out discover, adding to the tragedy.

Atatiana Jefferson Fogeys

Atatiana Jefferson’s mother, Yolanda Carr, is the sufferer of a Castle Value police officer’s lethal shooting of the girl in October 2019. Constant with lawyer Lee Merritt, Yolanda Carr handed tiresome early on Thursday at the Castle Value attach of dwelling where a police officer shot her daughter. Congestive heart failure, which she used to be battling even prior to Atatiana handed away, he claimed, had kept her in the sanatorium for weeks. The legit motive of death for Carr, 55, has now not been disclosed, despite the true fact that he had been battling illness. Carr’s death occurs much less than two months after Marquis Jefferson, 58, died from a extreme heart attack, utterly weeks after his daughter’s existence used to be cleave short.

Atatiana Jefferson Fogeys


After responding to a complaint about an inaugurate front door in the early hours, Dean, now 35, shot Jefferson through a abet window. He cannot be heard figuring out himself as a police officer prior to opening fire on the house on the physique camera video of the call. After the shooting, he stop and used to be later charged with assassinate. There is rarely any obvious date for the trial.

Atatiana Jefferson investigation


Within the large majority of police shootings, the officers either at the moment after the shooting or inner 72 hours later present an oral or written fable on what transpired for an interior investigation. Nonetheless, per court docket filings, Dean declined to present a written assertion alongside with his resignation from the police department.

Atatiana Jefferson assertion

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