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Goodachari 2 Massive-A Film That Spans Across Continents, A Spy Who Fights For His Country! Pre Vision Is Here…

Goodachari 2 Broad-A Film that Spans At some stage in Continents, A Be aware who Fights for his Country! Pre vision is here…

Adivi Sesh shared the pre-vision video of G2 (Goodachari 2). This movie is his novel pan-India movie. This movie will be directed by Vinay Kumar Sirigineedi.

Adivi launched his novel movie Goodachari 2. This movie will be a sequel to Goodachari. This movie facets him within the role of a spy who is commonly willing to sacrifice the entire lot in converse to provide protection to his nation.

This movie will be launched in multiple languages. This movie is a spy-thriller movie. This movie’s producer is TG Vishwa Prasad and Abhishek Agarwal.

Adivi launched the pre-vision video on 9 January 2023 with a tweet and affords fans an notion of what to demand from the flick.

He wrote on Twitter,

“#G2 MASSIVE Pre Vision is here 💥 Telugu : Hindi : Kannada : Tamil : Malayalam A Film that Spans Continents. A Be aware who Fights for his Country. 116 is HERE 🔥 #Goodachari2””

Goodachari 2 is ready to hurry on floor somewhat soon.

In this video, we glance the visuals shot within the Alps for “Goodachari”. This movie’s storyline by the Kshanam well-known person himself.

The makers acknowledged,

“We are planning to bear the movie with a huge span with high technical standards. An international crew will be engaged on it.”

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