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Bigg Boss 16 Salman Khan Says To Archana Gautam ‘MC Stan Ke Fans Se Jal Gayi’; No Eviction On Day 98

Bigg Boss 16 Salman Khan says to Archana Gautam ‘MC Stan Ke Fans Se Jal Gayi’; No Eviction on Day 98

Salman Khan says to Archana Gautam ‘MC Stan Ke Fans Se Jal Gayi’

On the final episode of Shanivaar ka Vaar, Bigg Boss 16 host Salman Khan is receive’s aggressive with Archana Gautam for using rude language and crossing the boundaries of the Bigg Boss house. In the final episode most main fight between her and Stan, Salman acknowledged Archana intentionally created a scene attributable to she obtained Jealous after seeing MC Stan’s recognition sooner or later of his contemporary Bigg Boss Reside concert within the house on Fresh Year. Salman suggested Archana,’ MC Stan Ke Fans Se Jal Gayi’, where Archana fights with Stan for now not doing his accountability of sweeping the house.

Salman requested all contestants who is wrong within the fight between Stan and Archana. Despite the total lot, contestants took Archana’s title. Then Sajid suggested Salman that he tells Archana that she must soundless quit interfering in folks’s enterprise, nonetheless she simply doesn’t hear, on the opposite hand, Soundarya came to protect her “pal” Archana. Salman shouts at Archana for getting unnecessarily “rude” with her contestants and making private assaults on them.

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In self-defence, Archana acknowledged that once she doesn’t enact her responsibilities within the house on time, then your total housemates name out to her then why she can’t enact the same element? She furthermore acknowledged “Ab se mere liye ye sirf ek space hai” and he or she doesn’t want to treat the Bigg Boss house as her enjoy house.