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Poly Quad Parents, Kids, Family, Relationship, Social Media And More

Poly Quad Fogeys:- Within the twelve months 2020, Alysia and Tyler Rodgers began a polyamorous relationship with Sean and Taya Hartless and selected no longer to study who the fathers of the two kids they had together as a poly quad were. A poly quad family, dubbed “Polyfamory” on social media, is disclosing what it’s enjoy to steal four young other folks in a residence with four dad and mother.

Poly Quad Fogeys

The family, which now contains Alysia Rodgers, 34, her husband Tyler, 35, and Sean Hartless, 46, and his wife Taya, 28, first of all put consisted of six contributors. In 2020, nonetheless, Alysia and Tyler, alongside with their now-7 and now-8-twelve months-extinct kids, moved correct into a recent residence with Sean and Taya. The spouses know their “polyfamory” is most efficient for their kids, who rob pleasure in having four loving dad and mother mad about their lives, though they admit that many individuals occupy reservations or objections about it.

Poly Quad Fogeys

About Rodgers

The already-parented Rodgers made the choice to reside as a polyamorous foursome, and in 2020, Alysia and Tyler, alongside with their kids, who’re now 7 and eight years extinct, moved correct into a recent condo with Sean and Taya, in accordance with the couple’s explanation to At the sleek time.

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Tyler claims, “Our kids were mindful that Sean and I were dating Taya.” “You know, Mother has a boyfriend and Dad had a girlfriend. We’re going to circulate in together, and we’ll all be a dapper family. They’re going to wait on guardian you, so we’re going to need you to treat them enjoy you regard us enjoy dad and mother,” we told them.

Poly Quad Rodgers

About Youngsters

Youngsters are ever-altering, so if you happen to fetch locked in a single parenting approach, it received’t work,” he continues. We quiet focus on that repeatedly because I’m having the most be troubled studying that.

Even supposing many individuals occupy points or objections with the design their family is decided up, the spouses claim they are mindful that having four loving dad and mother actively mad about their kids’s lifestyles is good for them.

Tyler asserts that, within the discontinue, our monogamous family of 4 is no assorted from every other. We level of interest on the indisputable truth that parenting entails so worthy more than dependable biology.

Poly Quad young other folks

Social Media

The trio repeatedly makes light-hearted enjoyable of their relationship and the most traditional comments they fetch about their unparalleled space on their Instagram web impart, where they piece impart material repeatedly.

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Since one in six individuals asked in a 2021 behold by Frontiers in Psychology “desired to be polyamorous,” Sean, Taya, Alysia, and Tyler are no longer on my own of their unparalleled connection.

One in 9 individuals admitted to having been polyamorous at some level, and one in 15 stated they knew of others who did the identical.

Poly Quad on social media



Q.1 Is Poly Quad family on social media?

And. Mosey, Poly Quad family is on social media.

Q.2 How many contributors in Poly Quad family?

And. 6 contributors in Poly Quad family.

Q.3 How many young other folks in Poly Quad family?

Ans. 2

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