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Ny, Fresh York City:- Ray’s Ny Candy Store’s 90 years broken-down owner Ray Alvarez changed into overwhelmed by an unknown man outside his East Village store on 31 January 2023 around 3 a.m. He peaceful didn’t leave out a day in the relief of the counter.

He has been running this retailer since 1974. An unknown man solicited him on the aspect toll road earlier this week and threatened to abolish him. That stranger beat him outside the East village store.

Ray Alvarez suggested the Fresh York Police Department that he changed into approached by a stranger outside his store and he requested Ray if he needed to amass a seltzer eater then Ray denied and that stranger ended up whacked in his head with a belt that had a heavy rock at its break.

Ray acknowledged to his buddy for conserving that man and Ray needed to abolish that guy.

Ray acknowledged,

“He stunned me and I believed the break of the arena, I hit the flooring, saw the blood and I believed this looks just like the break.”

Ray Alvarez changed into left bleeding as the suspect ran off alongside Avenue A. Ray changed into left with a dark survey and he has anxiousness ingesting.

Ray Alvarez brutally attacked outside NYC store

Ray Alvarez acknowledged,

“This happens, you know, and I peaceful cherish Fresh York. It’s OK, I’ll be alright, this will plug.”

Ray desires to fetch his attacker however the has a job to enact so he didn’t rob any destroy day. After a pair of hours of the attack, he went relief to manning his counter.

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He is no longer ready to bite as a result of reduce on the aspect of his head and has anxiousness sound asleep. Ray acknowledged that he didn’t wish to plug to the doctor.

Not handiest Ray changed into attacked despite the indisputable truth that his employee changed into additionally attacked by a suspect however his employee is handsome.

Ray’s employee Gabe Thorne acknowledged,

“He requested me to enact you suspect in devil? I had no thought he changed into going to plug for Ray…Ray is each person’s grandpa. For other folks who don’t devour family around, Ray takes care of each person. The indisputable truth that this took space makes each person handsome upset.”

Ray Alvares served in the Iranian navy and oned his hop in Fresh York. He suggested NBC Fresh York that he changed into attacked on the job once sooner than.

after Tuestday’s attack on him, other folks gratified Ray to file a police report. Police launched a surveillance image of the suspect from the space who changed into closing viewed pushing a procuring cart in the East Village. The investigation is peaceful ongoing.

individual that attacked Alvarez

Ray suggested the Put up on 2 February 2023,

“There is a host of crime on account of there are no longer ample police. We frail to devour police on foot patrol, strolling up and down. No extra.”

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