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How Did Brittany Hightower Die? What Happened To Her?

How did Brittany Hightower Die?:- Brittany, a 22-365 days-mature Texas-based mostly fully lady, used to be a sickle cell anemia affected person who founded a non-profit organization known as Shatter the Sickle Cycle to recommend for the illness.

Brittany labored for the American Crimson Depraved of Higher North Texas. Brittany used to be admitted to the John Peter Smith Clinical institution in Houston on December 24, 2022, after having a serious belly concern.

On this blog, You Will Be taught About How did Brittany Hightower Died? What came about to Her?

How did Brittany Hightower Die?

Brittany died of her sickness a week later on January 1, 2023. Brittany’s family contributors accused the sanatorium and police of racially charged negligence and abuse, saying Brittany could had been saved with timely scientific intervention.

The family, which misplaced each Brittany and Brittany’s mother within a matter of weeks, is tense justice for her death.

When Brittany used to be brought to the emergency room, Brittany used to be placed in an isolation ward in compliance with the sanatorium’s COVID-19 protocols.

But as a replace of receiving health center therapy, Brittany used to be requested to droop away the sanatorium premises to “untrue” her sickness and used to be discharged without motive.

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What came about to Her?

The trouble began when Brittany Hightower used to be admitted to the sanatorium in Houston on December 24, 2022, with severe belly peril.

Brittany used to be identified with sickle cell anemia and used to be kept in isolation attributable to coronavirus protocols.

On the opposite hand, as a replace of receiving exact scientific admire Brittany’s situation, it looks to be that she used to be subjected to verbal abuse by the sanatorium workers.

Brittany pleaded with the employees nonetheless used to be refused therapy and the sanatorium police had been known as to get rid of her.

In a video shared on TikTok by her family contributors, two police officers shall be heard telling the employees “didn’t need her there” and to droop away proper now.

An legitimate acknowledged: “They don’t want to treat you correct now, for despite motive. That’s nothing I must dwell with.”

Brittany Hightower

Brittany Hightower Obituary

Brittany’s obituary in 2022 and the death had been widely searched on-line by other folk that heard of the death. As to why the sanatorium refused to treat Brittany, stories snarl that She had a earlier conflict with a registered nurse.

It looks to be, from then on the nurse disliked Brittany and didn’t narrate she used to be with out a doubt sick. Regardless of Brittany deteriorating health, Brittany used to be subjected to verbal abuse by workers and police at the sanatorium.

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Brittany’s family believes that both facet deliberately refused to relieve her for racial and adversarial causes. Following Brittany’s untimely death, Britney’s family is in quest of accountability from the sanatorium for the events, which is liable to consequence in approved charges against them.

Brittany’s death is even handed to be the dwell results of scientific negligence and could had been easily accomplished without with ample care.

Who Was as soon as Brittany Hightower?

Brittany is the founder of the community sickle cell or sickle cycle. Half of of Brittany’s posts had been associated to “end psychological abuse” and since she is a TikToker, Brittany used to be pretty illustrious in her community.

As the founder of Sickle Cell, Brittany participated of their boards and used to be incessantly an bright participant of their psychological health live streams.

Brittany additionally runs a web thunder @raze.the.sickle.cycle. Tragically, Brittany passed away on January 1, 2023, a couple of days after Brittany’s mother passed away.

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FAQS About Brittany Hightower

Q.1) Was as soon as Brittany Hightower Married?

Ans. Certain, She used to be Married.

Q.2) What used to be Brittany Hightower illustrious for?

Ans. She used to be the founder of the community sickle cell or sickle cycle..

Q.3) When used to be Brittany Hightower Born?

Ans. Her Was as soon as Born in 1996.

Q.4) What used to be Brittany Hightower’s father’s title?

Ans. We dwell now no longer have any info about her father’s title.

Q.5) How mature used to be Brittany Hightower at the time of her death?

Ans. 22 Years Aged.

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