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Peggy Melati Sukma Wiki, Bio, Career, Education, Parents, Relationship, Net Worth, Nationality And More

Peggy Melati Sukma Wiki:- Raden Peggy Melati Purnama Dewi Sukma (born 13 June 1976) is an actor, model and preacher from Indonesia. The daughter of Raden Ating Sukma and Atty Latieva Attamimi grew to develop into known for her aim as Iteung in the soap opera Si Kabayan.

Through this aim, Peggy received a nomination for the Simplest Main Female Actor in the Comedy Category for the Indonesian soap opera festival (1997).

His name soared when he starred in Eclipse. Even thru this soap opera, the catchphrase ‘Pusiiiiiiing’ used to be additionally well-known, which used to be later patented by Peggy.

Peggy Melati Sukma Wiki

Rather than being on the camouflage, Peggy is additionally filled with life on stage. Peggy has been filled with life in theater since middle college. Then over again, Peggy at last quit after being busy on soap operas. Till at last in 2006, Peggy returned to the stage.

This time, Peggy carried out puppets at the Jakarta Arts Constructing, staging a play entitled ‘Srikandi Larasati Kembar’. Mute in the same year, Peggy left for Germany on July 14-22 2006, to manufacture at the sector class children’s theater festival in Lingen, Germany. Peggy guest starred in my region of origin theatre.

Peggy Melati Sukma Wiki

Social Activities

Peggy is additionally known for her social activities. Peggy used to be appointed by the Minister of Girls folks’s Empowerment, Meutia Farida Hatta, to develop into Indonesia’s ambassador to whine at the United Countries to discuss about the Law on the Security of Girls folks in Current York, February-March 2006.

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At the prime of 2006, Peggy grew to develop into Indonesia’s representative to take part in the ‘World Art Performance’ in Pakistan. Peggy used to be appointed as an Training Equality Ambassador by the Ministry of Nationwide Training (MONE) on November 13, 2006.

Along with Nirina Zubir, Marcellino Lefrandt, Edwin Manansang, and Teuku Zacky, Peggy used to be appointed as a Expertise Ambassador by the Ministry of Research and Expertise. Through the Prakarsa Foundation he formed, he used to be busy going thru floods in Jakarta in 2002.

Peggy Melati Sukma social activity


peggy melati sukma other folk’ names and lineages are unknown. Her siblings’ names are additionally unknown. We update this recordsdata on every occasion we study something fresh in regards to the enviornment.


After being in a relationship for years with actor Teuku Zacky, Peggy as a replace married businessman, Wisnu Tjandra who’s 13 years older than her, born on January 29, 1963, who additionally at the 2d serves as President Director of Financial institution Artha Graha Internasional.

The marriage contract used to be held on January 28, 2007 in Cijeruk Village, Cilada Village, Cigombong, Bogor, West Java. Not even a year after their marriage, the 2 of them were hit by the ache of getting a divorce, though this news used to be at last brushed apart by Peggy.

Peggy Melati Sukma relationship

Procure Value

We don’t know how prosperous peggy melati sukma is. Also unclear is her compensation. Every time we witness original recordsdata on her get rate, we’ll update this enviornment subject.

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Q.1 Who is Peggy Melati Sukma?

Ans. Peggy Melati Sukma is a actor.

Q.2 What’s the on-line rate of Peggy?

Ans. Not available in the market

Q.3 Who is Peggy’s other folk?

Ans. Not On hand

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