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Live Laugh Love TikTok Videos And Meme Explained

Live Laugh Love TikTok Videos And Meme Explained


Another tiktok trend is back in the house with “Live Laugh Love” challenge as one of the most enthusiastic trend of 2020. 

Tiktok has undoubtedly been the shareholder of your happiness. It just makes you cheer up, no matter how gloomy your day went. It is the online version of mood stimulant which doesn’t do much harm either. 

Tiktok is mostly based on trends as all other social networking sites. And you gotta admit that the trend are rather scary and disturbing at times. Remember the Coin-Charger challenge. That was scary and ridiculous at the same time, wasn’t it?

But most of the times, there are just happy and cheerful ones. Tiktok is an indicational example that people are ready to spread happiness and love throughout the world. And such people have been real gem for the video networking site which have been attracting users tremendously. 

Recently, Tiktokers seems to follow the 3L rule. 3L? Live Laugh Love. I mean these three achievements are the closest thing there is to self actualized happiness. And Hats off to the tiktok creators who are trying their level best to spread cherish among people. 


white moms be like ##foryoupage ##fyp ##livelaughlove ##chooseone

♬ original sound – cassie.tackett

What is Live Laugh Love song on Tiktok?

Apparantly, it seems like just a trend. But it has deeper meaning inside. It is a kind of initiative by the fellow tiktok creators for spreading happiness across the social media. And given the circumstances, one should be proud of them. 

One can also interpret it on various other ways. As of beginning, Live Laugh Love was a song. The song was created by a tiktoker named Cassie T. The song doesn’t have any smooth music but is a simple recording. But it went viral in no time. 

The music she created was used by several other tiktok creators, even the ones with the verified profile. Cassie even posted the song on youtube saying, “My 15 seconds of fame on Tiktok.” 

Her tiktok video consists of  certain writings on the wall that say “Live Laugh Love.” And there’s a song that plays in the background that also says the same three words and goes like “You gotta live laugh love. Love Laugh Live..” 


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♬ Befe American Dead Cross – queerios.and.milk

What is Live Laugh Love challenge?

Even though the trend went viral as a lip sync video over the “Live Laugh Love” song, there were different modifications made by ever creative tiktok creators. The “Live Laugh Love” challenge is transformed into another challenge that says “Alive Ahaha F**k.”


##livelaughlove ##artistsoftiktok ##SnickersFixTheWorld ##fyp ##standingbroomchallenge

♬ Befe American Dead Cross – queerios.and.milk

Surprisingly, the videos made under this modification went to gather more views than the previous one ever did. It became so popular on tiktok and hence, it was adopted by every other tiktok creator.

 As of June 28, 2020, the hashtag #LiveLaughLove has been viewed more than 147 million times. Likewise, the hashtag has acquired more than 20 Million likes already and has witnessed millions of comments as well. 

Especially during the times when the pandemic of Covid19 has affected the mental health of people, trends like these are most welcome. And it’s a milestone for the social networking site like Tiktok to be the part of happiness that people share.

This isn’t the first time something has gone viral on Tiktok and surely wouldn’t be the last time. But this trend is very enthusiastic and cheerful. Also because the latest trends on tiktok have been the dark ones. Remember the Pasta Recipe trend. That was really depressing one. 


When the defication hits the oscillation. 💩 ##storytime ##prison ##fight ##foryou ##livelaughlove ##minivlog ##inyourface

♬ original sound – zacharyloft

And no wonder, there are certain jokes on tiktok videos based on the challenge. It is probably another intitiative to make people happy, by sharing jokes because after all, everyone needs to live, laugh and love. 



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