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What is Tiktok Facetime Prank? How To Do Facetime Prank Challenge on Boyfriend and Girlfriend?

What is Tiktok Facetime Prank? How To Do Facetime Prank Challenge on Boyfriend and Girlfriend?


Have you guys come across this hilarious TikTok challenge lately called TikTok Facetime Prank? Well, it is a little mean to prank your significant other but truth be told, the reaction of the one being pranked is very funny to watch. Here is everything you need to know about the TikTok Facetime prank and how to do this prank on your boyfriend or girlfriend.

It’s not a secret that we are bored at home because of the quarantine and we have tried everything to keep ourselves busy and entertained. Be it either showing off your cooking skills, make up skills, or dancing skills, people have done it all, and TikTok with its fun videos and challenges has played a very important role in keeping us entertained. One of the best challenges on TikTok is the prank challenge and #Facetimeprank is the latest one.

What is TikTok Facetime prank?

There are lots of couple pranks that are viral on TikTok. Challenges like “Filming your S.O. while watching you dance”, “Fridge and Backward Hoodie”, “naked challenge”, etc. are some of the hit TikTok couple challenges. The TikTok Facetime prank is also one of those viral videos.

In this TikTok Facetime prank, you play a sound from TikTok and record the reaction of your boyfriend or girlfriend. The playback sound seems as if someone has called you in Facetime and when you pick the call a different person says something lovey-dovey like he or she is hitting on you and which makes your ‘significant other’ feel that you are cheating on him/her.


lmaoo ##fyp ##xyzbca ##facetimeprank ##quarantine

♬ original sound – lowlifekam

There are two different audio filters for this challenge. The first one was of a male voice made by TikTok creator @lowlifekam. He acts as if he is hitting on you even when he knows that you have a boyfriend.

Later, the same challenge for the opposite gender also came along which was made by a girl whose TikTok handle is @andefloyd. She says something like she wants to come over but then she stops as if she finds out that his girlfriend is still there. The reaction of the one being pranked on is funny and in some cases, scary too.


Hey Baby, ##usethissound ##prank ##relationships ##setup ##facetime ##cheatingtest ##fyp inspired by @deco2ta

♬ Is She Still There – theandefloyd

You know what, it’s a really fun way to find out whether your boyfriend or girlfriend is possessive type or not based on their reaction. And with all the fun, you will surely get his/her attention too.

Here are some video compilations of the funniest TikTok Facetime pranks that will make your day.

How To Do Facetime Prank Challenge on Boyfriend and Girlfriend?

Do you also want to do this Facetime prank on you Boyfriend or girlfriend? Here is how to do it. For that, first of all, you need to find the sound clip on TikTok that is used in the prank. As I have already mentioned above, the sound clip with a male voice was originally made by @lowlifekam and a female voice was originally made by @andefloyd.

To use their sound to make the Facetime prank challenge video, follow the steps given below.

  1. Open the TikTok app on your phone and tap ‘+’.
  2. Click on sounds at the top of your screen.
  3. Type ‘lowlifekam’ on the search bar to find the male voice to prank on your boyfriend. You will see the video made on that sound on the first of your list and is labeled as ‘original’.
  4. Add it to your favorites. Now you can make a video using this sound whenever you want.
  5. Similarly, to find the female voice to prank on your girlfriend, type ‘is she still there‘ on the search bar and you will find the original sound by Ande Floyd on the top of the list. 
  6. Add it to your favorites and you can make the video using this sound whenever you want.


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