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TikTok- Foreigner Challenge Original Video, Who is Foreigner Challenge Girl?

TikTok- Foreigner Challenge Original Video, Who is Foreigner Challenge Girl?


TikTok: Foreigner Challenge original video first started at the beginning of April 2020. It’s not new that a unique content became a trend on TikTok. However, most of the time TikTok trends seem funny, entertaining, and spontaneous.

Likewise, TikTok’s Foreigner challenge came out as an entertaining compilation of photos. But, it eventually turned out as one of the most disgusting and depressing TikTok trends.

Currently, the scenario and people’s reaction toward Foreigner challenge is completely different. Many teenagers are influenced by this infamous challenge and they are certainly sharing their explicit pictures.

Learn what actually is Foreigner Challenge Girl and why it has become a hot topic as of now.

Who is Foreigner Challenge Girl?

Initially, Foreigner Challenge was a simple compilation of funny photos made by the funimate app using the song “Foreigner” in the background. Later, TikTokers began to share their sexual photos in the name of this challenge. Foreigners Challenge girl is those minor girls who have fallen for this disturbing TikTok trend.

The underage girls are creating explicit videos of themselves. And, they are sharing and promoting their content on TikTok as well as Instagram, Twitter Reddit, etc.

This latest TikTok trend has increased inappropriate exposure. That’s why people are demanding for the removal of Foreigner Challenge on social media platforms.

TikTok: Foreigner Challenge Appeared in April 2020

It’s true that the Foreigner Challenge TikTok trend first appeared in April 2020. It even hyped and brought TikTok into storms within couple of weeks. As days passed, the TikTok videos on the name of this challenge got worst.

The underage girls and boys began to create video compilations of their sexually explicit photos. It’s still unclear who first began sharing strings of explicit photos. As a result, famous TikTok stars demanded to stop this challenge through YouTube, Instagram, TikTok.


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