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What Is Beans TikTok? Beans in a Tik tok Meaning Explained

What Is Beans TikTok? Beans in a Tik tok Meaning Explained


What is beans TikTok? There are a lots of beans contents on TikTok. These contents are weird and just random videos of people singing songs about beans. There is a Youtube video of a person just singing beans beans just beans beans beans…. and that’s the whole idea.

What Are Beans on TikTok?

If a normal person was asked this question, they would just say beans are vegetables. But a TikToker might have different meanings for it. Another TikToker has made a video about a bucket of beans and this is not that great of a content.

What I mean to say is, people are just trying to make weird funny content. What’s a way to make a video weird? Let’s say beans beans multiple times until people get tired of it. Some people might find it funny an some might find it annoying. It just goes on to show that humor is subjective.

As you saw, this is the whole video. Maybe we all should be a TikToker. It’s easy as hell apparently. You just grab a bucket of beans and scream beans beans beans. Maybe the next day, you grab a bucket of peas and go through all the legumes, and the content will never be scarce.

Should “Bean People” On TikTok Get A Life?

There is a whole group of people condemning Tiktok for its stupid content and some go even as far as saying that the app must be banned. People attack TikTokers viciously for not being creative but producing content like a spawning fish.

In my personal opinion, beans people should not get a life. They are pretty happy spending their time on TikTok making songs about beans. So, if they like it, anybody else must not be objecting to that. And, if they object, they should just be ignored.


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