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He’s A Marine TikTok Trend- Marine Wife TikTok Video Explained

He’s A Marine TikTok Trend- Marine Wife TikTok Video Explained


He’s a Marine” is a new TikTok trend that’s been going famous on TikTok for quite some time and it’s all about honoring the Marines. Yes, you heard it. A TikTok trend that’s nationalistic and all about honoring the soldiers who fight for the country. I guess TikTok’s not just challenges and weird jokes.

Apparently, this trend has been done by wives of the marines or it could be a husband. The partners of the marines take up this challenge as a welcome gift of some sort to their brave spouses returning home after service.

What’s a He’s A Marine Challenge?

He’s a Marine Challenge is all about honoring marine by their partners. Dancing and lip-syncing is pretty much used by most of the people doing these challenge on TikTok. Some people are making dancing videos with te marines after they are returning home.

However, in some cases, people have used the picture of the marines in order to honor them. Everything is okay at the end of the day. People can choose whatever way to express gratitude to someone and if they express their gratitude to marines, well, that’s even better.

As you can see in this video, the wife of the marine is doing a dance and singing a song as well to honor her husband- the handsome marine standing right there. It seems like the parody of another TikTok video challenge known as “Savage Dance“.


##savage🌈 finally got time for this😜##anythingfordance ##happinesss ##lovesupport ##dance ##tiktokIndia ##foryou

♬ Savage – Megan Thee Stallion

Notice how the He’s a Marine song is a parody of this version? This is pretty sweet at times but depending on the creators, there are tons of painfully awkward videos out there as well.

He’s A Marine Trend: All You Need To Know

While doing He’s A Marine challenge, people seem to be doing all sorts of stuff. Unfortunately for some people, they can’t have their husbands or wives at home because they are serving for the country, they have to make TikTok videos by being a bit more creative.


He’s a Marine now🥺❤️ ##marinecorps ##marinegf ##military ##army ##navy ##airforce ##fyp ##foryou ##trending ##viral ##proud ##iloveyou ##coronavirus ##mybaby ##bae

♬ I.F.L.Y. – Bazzi

@carina._.ew has made a TikTok video on the song I.F.L.Y by Bazzi that ost people on TikTok use to make a romantic and heartfelt video. But in her video, she’s used the picture of her husband who’s a marine in the background.

So, as I said earlier, there isn’t a singular way to do this challenge but different ways to make this your own. Honor the Marines and that’s all.

Is “He’s A Marine” Challenge Sexist?

Is “He’s A Marine” Challenge sexist? I am just trying to pose a question here. After all, there are female marines out there and we don’t have “She’s A Marine” Challenge.

To completely go nuts about this issue would be stupidity. One can’t attack something fun like TikTok challenge to reflect the state of society. It’s just that until now, only women have made these videos.

Also, the hardcore marines who shoot guns at the other part of the globe away from their home making a Tiktok video? They could do it but I wouldn’t think those marines would be very excited to do it.

Is “He’s A Marine” Challenge Awkward?

Lots of people have written comments on “He’s A Marine” videos calling this a very awkward and cringy video challenge. I wouldn’t say that though. It depends on the creator of the challenge.

If there is a genuine warmth in the video, it will turn out good but some of the videos are painful to watch and not in a good way. You just want to bite your teeth and cover your eyes. But, it is a cool challenge despite some people who make bad videos out of it.






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