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What Does Cut It Off Mean on TikTok? Cut It Off Meaning Explained

What Does Cut It Off Mean on TikTok? Cut It Off Meaning Explained


Do you happen to realize what does cut it off mean on TikTok? Well, if you are a regular on TikTok, you might already know the TikTok is singing the rhythms of ‘Somebody That I Used to Know.’ While the world is crying the tears of COVID-19 crisis, social media have given us something to look forward to. Saving us from our boredom, social media like TikTok has really been saving our neck, these days.

TikTok has helped kill us some time and with every new trend, things get even interesting. One such latest trend that has the TikTok users onto it is ‘cut it off.’ Every now and then, TikTok users come up with something interesting that thrives to devour millions of TikTok users. By this time, ‘cut it off’ trend has found around thousands of fans. 

If you are wondering what does cut if off mean on TikTok, this one can interest you for a while. Ready to kill some time then?

What does cut it off mean on TikTok?

TikTok is never shy of new and interesting trends. In the long and undying phase of entertaining its users, cut it off is another TikTok trend that has made a lot of TikTok users and social media enthusiasts curious about it. The TikTok video starts with the song ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ on the background. The cut if off TikTok videos simply show disagreement of the first person to second person or a situation.

The line ‘cut it off’ on those TikTok videos mean letting go of a person or a situation someone is into. If you search for cut it off on TikTok, you can find lip sync videos and comedy skit videos with Somebody That I Used to Know playing in the background. 

Find more about what does cut it off mean on TikTok with this video.

Why is ‘cut it off’ trend so popular on TikTok?

There is basically never a logical explanation of why a TikTok video goes so viral over the social media that it has thousands do it over and over again. Sometimes people just do not tend to look to a reason, rather wish to take the direction of the flow of the trend. He/she did it in the first place, later I did as well, this could all the reasoning be.


just girly things 🤪🤪 ##fyp ##trending ##flip ##foryou ##foryoupage ##summerwya

♬ original sound – idk.mån

The same can be said about cut it off getting a lot of attention on TikTok. Somebody That I Used to Know by singer Gotye plays in the background and TikTok users try to match the lip sync and some pull off comedy skits. You would be hard-pressed trying to find why the trend is so popular, but it is. 

Is everyone enjoying cut it off on TikTok?

There’s no denying, a lot of people are doing cut it off TikTok videos and are equally enjoying it. But, not every TikTok user is sitting patiently and enjoying cut it off TikTok videos. Cut it off on TikTok is so popular that people are discussing the good and bad side of the trend on Reddit.

While some TikTok users are doing it just in the name of having fun. Others are bored with the flow of similar videos on TikTok over and over again. Some people on Reddit are calling out this trend as an act of narcissism. Some are calling cut it off on TikTok is as good as repeating a joke. Nonetheless, thousands have already made TikTok videos on cut it off and we could see some more in the near future.

What do you think of cut it off on TikTok?


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