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What is Step Chickens Cult TikTok? Image, PFP, Chunkysdead

What is Step Chickens Cult TikTok? Image, PFP, Chunkysdead


TikTok has numerous trends and challenges. Previously, there used to be a lot of dance, renegade, say no, and such trends. However, the trends are changing. It is sometimes bully and sometimes cult. Moreover, Step Chickens cult is going viral than rest.

What is Step Chickens Cult on TikTok? 

As we all know, TikTok is renowned for new trends and challenges. Many people think of it as a stupidity But that ‘s what helps you gain followers and become a TikTok star. Like fairy emoji and other dances routines, people are now following Step Chickens Cult. Recently, most of the TikTokers changed their PFP (Profile Picture) into the blue. This created confusion in many users. Why the hell will you turn your PFP into a cold blue tone? Also, the picture on the PFP is random.

Step Chickens is the name of the cult. It is led by the TikTok user @chunkysdead. Her real name is Melissa. She is a famous Asian TikTok user. The lady has over 1.1 million fan followers on TikTok. Similarly, she has gained a total of 36.1 M likes.


Step-chickens, we’re going to take over the internet. ##fyp ##stepchickens ##joinourcult

♬ Dramatic Film Scene – Eyota

What is the reason for this trend? It is unknown. It may be just for fun and kill time during this quarantine. So, what can we do to be a part of it? To be a part of it, you will have to keep your profile picture as she has. Firstly, just take a screenshot of her PFP or save it. Then, change your PFP and you are in.

How famous step chicken is? The step chicken has a hashtag on TikTok with over 766.6 K views. It has its name on urban dictionary and many fan pages on Instagram as well. Moreover, news articles are also written about it. Indeed it is a very powerful cult with thousands of supporters. 


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