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What is ‘Being My Husband For A Day’ Mean on TikTok?

What is ‘Being My Husband For A Day’ Mean on TikTok?

There’s a new trend on Tiktok that is starting to make major headlines. Know more about “Being my husband for a day” challenge on Tiktok. 

Tiktok challenges and trends are never off the spotlight, not when they incur such depth on entertainment. From funny trends to dance videos, the video networking site always manages to win your heart. 

During recent times when everyone is quarantined inside their homes, it can be a difficult task to keep yourself refreshed. Containing oneself inside all the time can be boring at times but Tiktok has helped people to keep up with refreshments.

The latest trend to smack the TikTok wall is “Being my husband for a day” challenge. It is so fun and engaging that you’d probably keep watching it for the whole day.

You can try and perform the trend for yourself as well. But there’s a little problem. You gotta have a husband. If he makes a mess of things, then this is the best TikTok trend you will ever make. 

But if you are not married, you can always imagine having a husband. And you can fantasize about what he would do and start doing the very same things. Who’s there to judge anyway?

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What is “Being my husband for a day” on TikTok? 

“Being my husband for a day” is a TikTok trend initially made by the married women. But as of now, the videos are made for fun by everyone, no matter married or unmarried. 

In the video, a woman sarcastically follows the ways of her husband. You can notice that the video starts with a person throwing boots off, keeping entities at undesired places, and keeping the fridge open. 


I Decided to be my husband for a day😂 like for part 2🤔 ##learnontiktok ##fyp ##husbandwifecomedy ##houseparty ##tiredwifeproblems ##foryou

♬ Cleaning – Owen Wang

It is a kind of mimic trend that married women made to troll their husbands. According to them, they are being just like their husband for a day.

For example, women are often good at households and they are known for good maintenance. But for a day, they seem to act as their husband like throwing stuff all around, keeping dishes undone, and dropping food. 

The videos, whatsoever are very funny. And they have received a huge number of engagements as well. Many of the TikTok users seem to follow the trend and do it all by themselves. 

Such a video was first uploaded by a TikTok user named “milleduong.” Her video underwent around 100k views and more than 4k likes on TikTok. And soon every other TikTok user followed the trend. As of now, there are more than 100 such videos on the video networking site. 


Tryna be my husband for a day 🥴 ##fyp ##foryoupage ##duataydaynao ##haucachly ##onhavanvui ##tiktokcouple ##foryou ##fypシ

♬ GREEDY x TREASURE – conradrocha

How popular is this trend on TikTok?

To be honest. It is not as popular as other trends and dance challenges. It is famous among a certain group of people who are married. And if you are married, you surely have a good time watching videos or making one for that matter. 

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There aren’t any hashtags used for these videos. Hence, it is quite hard to keep track of views and likes gathered by them. But they really seem to be interesting and funny despite being underrated. 


Acting like my wife for a day ##fyp ##foryourpage ##wifeduties

♬ original sound – dadsbeingdudes

However, there have been few modifications to such videos. It’s probably because very few people on Tiktok belong to the tag “Married.” But there are some videos made by the husbands which go like “Being my wife for a day” or “Acting like my wife for a day.” And they are extremely hilarious. 

So the thing is, Tiktok is built upon trends. And due to the lockdown, there are probably more trends flooding in during this time than ever. But who cares? When they are funny and hilarious and engaging, it’s all cool, isn’t it?

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