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Police launch manhunt for masked anti-lockdown protester and a woman in Trump hat

A woman wearing a Trump-styled cap and a man with a Guy Fawkes mask are being hunted by Victoria Police after thousands marched in protest through Melbourne on Thursday. 

Detectives released images of the pair on Friday afternoon amid claims some protesters targeted police with bottles during Thursday night’s lockdown protest.  

Violence erupted on the streets of Melbourne with thousands of protesters marching into the CBD as the state entered its sixth Covid lockdown.

Several flares were set off during the demonstration as tensions boiled over with police, who made 15 arrests at the protest

Police hope to track down protesters who lit flares at a march on Thursday 

Police are on the hunt for a woman in white who wore a Trump hat during Thursday’s lockdown protest in Melbourne

Footage showed chaotic scenes with some demonstrators throwing bottles and other projectiles at police as officers deployed pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

Police have described the actions of one protester who allegedly pushed over a police officer and kicked him on the ground as a ‘dog act’. 

Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius sunk a boot of his own into the protesters on Friday, warning those that attacked police would be caught. 

‘I have to say kicking a police officer while he is down is a dog act,’ he said. 

Thousands of furious Victorians, only released from their fifth lockdown nine days ago, were heard chanting ‘sack Dan Andrews’ as they released flares in the street.

Victoria Police made 15 arrests at the protest and will issue 16 others with fines for breaching public health orders, as investigations get underway over the assault of an officer who was allegedly pushed to the ground and stomped on.

Footage live streamed by social media newshound Real Rukshan showed the mask-wearing man wandering through Melbourne’s street with a lit flare. 

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It was a little over a week ago when Victoria Police had photos of protesters wielding flares splashed all over the front page of Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper. 

Again, police have vowed to catch those that lit flares and assaulted police. 

The man police believe can assist with their enquiries is perceived to be Caucasian in appearance and aged in his 30s.

He was seen wearing a black hooded jumper, dark-coloured pants and white sneakers. 

Police on Friday released an image of a man who appeared to be removing a white mask. 

Police believe this man might be able to help them solve the mystery of the Guy Fawkes-wearing protester 

A man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask was seen trying to break a police barricade on Flinders Street on Thursday. Police unleased OC spray on the protesters

Another image of a woman was also released. 

Police believe the woman, dressed in white, can assist with the investigation into a bottle being thrown at police officers.

The woman police want to speak to is also perceived to be Caucasion in appearance, aged in her 20s, and was wearing a black jacket, pink top and light-coloured pants.

She was seen wearing a red cap, believed to have the phrase ‘Make Victoria Great Again’ on it and was carrying a large black speaker. 

The snap seven-day stay-at-home orders issued by Premier Daniel Andrews came after a flurry of new cases and a swath of new exposure sites on Thursday. 

State health authorities flagged 14 sites in a late-night drop that included busy shopping centres, supermarkets and two Virgin Airlines flights that an infected passenger travelled on, raising concerns there could be many more cases to come.

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Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters are seen marching through Melbourne’s CBD on Thursday night (pictured) furious at the state being plunged into its sixth lockdown

A large ball of fire is captured in the background as chaotic anti-lockdown protests erupted in Melbourne on Thursday night (pictured) with hundreds taking to the streets

A protester is seen holding a sign that claims the state’s lockdown is not about Covid (pictured in Melbourne on Thursday night

A protester with a megaphone is pictured speaking with police officers during the rally

Police take action against 31 protesters 

 There were 15 arrests

• Two people for the indictable offences of breaching bail and stating false names

• Nine people were arrested before their identity could be confirmed to issue fines.

• Four people are also expected to be charged on summons in relation to breaching their bail, activating a flare and hinder police.

A further 16 people will be issued fines for breaching public health orders

A number of incidents will also form criminal investigations including:

• The assault of a police officer where offenders pushed a police sergeant to the ground and allegedly kicked him. 

• The activation of a flare, and

• Criminal damage to a police vehicle

The frustrated protest group met at Flinders Street Station earlier in the evening chanting calls for Mr Andrews to be sacked.

One man was captured on video being taken to the ground by four officers atop the steps of the iconic train station as police warned protesters to ‘move away’.

The groups chanted ‘freedom’ and ‘no lockdown’ before one of the rally’s organisers addressed demonstrators with a megaphone.   

‘Bring it on Daniel Andrews, we will fight to our last breath,’ the woman screamed.

As the crowd got on the move and made their way down the street toward Parliament House, the march started peacefully with several young children and even babies among the swelling rally.

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Violent clashes were later captured on video with some in the group shouting abuse at officers and calling them ‘dogs’.

Police could be seen reaching for their pepper spray canisters and telling the crowd to ‘move away’.

When some in the group continued to move forward, officers opened fire directly into their faces.

Some demonstrators responded by hurling bottles and other projectiles before the hostile group dispersed.   

On Friday, Mr Cornelius said the officer that was kicked on the ground suffered minor cuts and abrasions and did not require medical treatment. 

He further claimed protesters used anti-lockdown demonstrations to attack police while pretending to be ordinary law-abiding citizens.

‘There are wolves in sheep’s clothing here. There are people who are dressing themselves up as advocates for mum-and-dad business owners who are really doing it hard,’ he said.

‘There are absolutely individuals out there who are looking to leverage this situation to pursue their own particular strange notions.

‘I urge everyone to see these behaviours for what they are.’

Police officer are pictured threatening protestors with pepper spray as tempers flared on Thursday night

Police tell the hostile crowd to ‘move away’ as they deploy pepper spray on protesters

A bottle or projectile is captured on camera being thrown at police officers as tensions flare

A woman is pictured carrying a baby during the anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne

A demonstrator is taken away in handcuffs after being arrested by police officers during the raucous rally 

Source: Daily Mail

Source: newsfinale